Pizza Hut: Large 1-Topping Pizza for $7.99




If you are planning to order pizza for the Husker game tomorrow night then check out the deal from Pizza Hut.  Get a 1-topping large pizza for only $7.99 or a 1-topping large and bread sticks for $10.  They are also still running the any pizza, any size for $10 promo if your children will eat something other than cheese pizza (Boring!  Whoops did I say that outloud?)

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  1. Do you know if this applies throughout the state? I live in Columbus.

    • I received the info in an email from Pizza Hut so I would assume so but you may want to give them a call first. I know small towns sometimes have locations that aren’t a part of the corporate chain. Hope it works for you!

  2. Called 2 Lincoln pizza huts – they don’t have this. Was it an online order special? If so, need coupon code. Thanks!

  3. I don’t need to use your link, but thanks. I will look into signing up for Hut Lovers emails for future deals.