$25 Gift Card Membership Bonus at Sam’s Club

If you are planning to head out to Sam’s Club for their Open House then be sure to check out the great offer on RecycleBank right now. 

Get a $25 gift card with a new membership for just 30 points right now.  This makes the membership $15 for one year or $10 if you own a business.  While I don’t buy a lot of items at Sam’s I do go there about once a month and pick up a few things.  I also forgot to share that I also buy my boneless skinless chicken breast there.  I can usually get a 10 lb bag for around $20 making them $2 a pound.  They are 4-5 oz breast that are individually frozen which is great.

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  1. The gift card is when you sign up for a Sam's Club Plus Membership which is $100. You would still have to pay $75…bummer. I was thinking about it. I feel I would never save $40 in a year to sign up. Too many other good sales at other stores!